5 Best PC Webcam Apps

Today we will take a look at the 5 best and most free Android webcam apps for using mobile phones as computer webcams.
Just as almost all of us have smartphones today, many have computers or laptops at home.
Which we use for our own study or work. And since most of the work is now online or has started.
So we need a computer webcam for some special work like this. And those who use desktop PC.There are many problems for them. Because the inbuilt camera in the laptop is not actually with the desktop computer.
As a result, you need to purchase a webcam separately and the price is not very low. But,
You know what You can also use your smartphone as a computer webcam if you want.And which will give you better picture quality than laptops and webcams. And if you want to record a video,
You can easily use it for online streaming, events and meetings, and online video classes in general.

So if you have an old or new Android smartphone at home and you need a webcam laterBe sure to check out these top 5 free webcam apps to convert your phone to a webcam.

Top 5 Webcam or Webcam Apps (Android Webcam Apps)
Each of the applications mentioned below is free which means you can download and install it on your phone for free from Play Store.
And at the beginning of using each app, you will also get guidance on how to use a mobile camera as a computer webcam.

1. DroidCam
DroidCam is one of the best computer webcam apps available in the Play Store. A very small, simple, and popular application.
Which will easily help you to convert your mobile camera into a high-quality webcam. You use your phone
You can connect to the computer via WiFi or USB cable. And most importantly

You can also use its webcam features in programs like Zoom, Skype, MS Team, etc.
You can also use your phone for unlimited use without any watermark, use of phonemic and other functions after connecting.

So be it a meeting or interview or content creation. Of course, you can try this application once.

2. iVCam Webcam

The second best PC webcam app on our list is iVCam. Personally, this is my favorite application to use as my mobile computer’s webcam.

This is because of the features that you will find in this application that you would not normally find in any webcam.
You can easily connect your PC and phone via WiFi or USB cable. Yours with him

Allows you to use iVCam video resolution depending on the capacity of the phone camera. Besides you
There are microphones, background blur, and removal, portrait and landscape mode, front and back camera switches, frame rate change,

It will also provide a variety of filters, including a green screen, which you really won’t find in any other free application like this.

3. Camo

Camo was an iso or apple mobile application for using your phone as a webcam or external camera.
But now you can get it in the Play Store for Android devices and you can download and install it for free.

It will give you a great picture or video quality like 4k (if the phone supports it), wide-angle, and portrait buck mode.
You can also use it for video calling, live streaming, and online events. And all the popular platforms like,

With Zoom or Zoom, MS Teams, Skype, OBS, Twitch, etc., you can also use Miz’s mobile camera by connecting to a PC with this application.

4. XSplit Connect: Webcam

XSplit is a popular PC or computer streaming and screen recording software. Which is popular for game recording, streaming, and other event streams.

XSplit Connect is an Android version webcam application that helps you connect your phone camera to a PC.
With this application, you can use your phone or phone camera as a wireless webcam for online streaming,

Use for video calling and meetings, classes, and events. Also some of its special features like,
High-Quality Picture Quality, Video Background Blur & Remove, etc. Gives you a better webcam experience.

5. Iriun 4K Webcam for PC
This is the last Best Webcam app for computers on our list. By which you can convert phone camera to PC webcam.

Iriun is a very simple but powerful application that will also give you 4k video resolution. (If your phone has that capacity).
It gives you both USB and WiFi ways to connect a mobile camera to a computer.

And in this, you will get all the other basic mobile webcam features that are in the above applications.
Our last word,
So here are the 5 best free webcam apps by which you can easily use your smartphone as a PC webcam.
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