How do I get an American Express credit card?

There is no obligation to have this card. It’s not something you should have. It is a luxury service if there are any benefits that are more than the cost of a stay.

One of the major benefits of having a credit card with a large balance is that you can book and pay for hotels with a large credit line.

Are you planning to stay in an expensive hotel, take a cruise or fly a lot in the future?

However, you will have to repay it with interest in future.

To have a credit card with a high enough balance for regular use for large purchases, you need a job where you qualify for a high balance when you apply. And then you have to work with it to achieve a high balance.

You ask a personal financial question but an accurate answer that suits you requires personal information from you. This is why we do not question such financial advice online. Anyone who is qualified to advise you will not be able to help you. If you really answerBut you have to give a lot more information.

Best of all, you have to decide if a credit card is worth it as a payment method. These are not necessary for most consumer purchases. If you do not pay it in full, you will have to pay more. If you forget to pay or become poor in money managementBut it goes away from you and becomes more difficult in the years to come.

There are many formalities, first your salary must be more than 4 and at the same time your civil score must be more than 750. However, your area is important, I mean your area must be listed there. In my opinion you can apply through bank market or money marketWill explain everything to you, but please do not apply if your civil score is not more than 750.

Seriously though, keep in mind that the preferences of AMEX and Diners Club International were made in the 1960’s when their target was a very specific market, such as international commercial travelers. These could be corporate cards (and there were many) or a personal card for a self-employed person.

At the time, the criteria for securing an AMEX card were very high because, until the 1990s, there was a lot of prestige associated with holding one.

However, the underwriting and risk analysis component is much more than a credit card (mainly because AMEX is basically a charge card) and needed to be completely cleared every month. This meansMay carry significant amounts of money in various currencies, hard cash or travelers checks; The main target of thieves

Of course there was the other side of the counter where hotels in particular (where most of the Amex transactions took place) did not carry large amounts of cash on site and in various currencies. The takeaway started because it was close to guaranteed funds and they were not carrying cash on site, both a security risk and when it comes to banking the money does not have to be banking through a “foreigner forever”.

Nowadays it is not so much that it is difficult to get an AMEX card, it is a line of credit that they are ready to grant you. Remember again that these are not charge cards but credit cards, the difference is that a charge card must be cleared on the due date of the invoice presentation. The card has also moved into the sector but at the end of market prestige and their risk criteria are much higher.

Of course the higher the risk, the lower your credit line and this will be the turning point as far as your question is concerned; And finally remember that AMEX and come to that Carte Blanche and Diners Club International, they no longer have prestige in the 1960s.

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