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As I mentioned in my fieldwork assignment from the first semester of this year, I often feel like a cultural broker when it comes to interacting with people on campus. I’m ethnically Chinese, but English is my first language. In my experience, it has made me linguisticallyEquivalent to local Australian students. Culturally, I can see where Chinese students are coming from. I notice that often, international students from the same country cycle together because of the shared culture and language. This is especially true for students who come from other countriesWhere English is not a major language. A Singaporean whose first language is English makes it easy for me to make friends with locals because I have no linguistic barriers to communication and friendship. It’s usually easier to make friends when you speak the same language.

I’m doing a double major in anthropology and linguistics, and I have fewer Asians in my anthropology class than in my linguistics class. Even then, I have heard that Asian students are more likely to study commerce. The nature of being is that you can learn about a culture other than your own. When it comes to assignments, it really helps if you are fluent in English, especially for essays. As I said before, this is not a problem for me.

I live somewhere close to campus, so it takes less time to get to my class. If I have a break of three or more hours in class, I may choose to go home and rest for a while before moving on to my next class. Generally, international students are more on campus than domestic studentsLives nearby, as most domestic students live in Melbourne. Exceptions are when a domestic student comes from another part of Australia, or if they are too far from campus, to make travel time possible. In this case, these students are on campus like international studentsLikes to be around.

I’m studying at Melbourne University and I have no exposure to how things are at ANU, so I can’t compare the two but I can give you the advantages and disadvantages of studying at Melbourne University from a technical and general point of view.




The learning experience at Melbourne University would be great. Professors are mostly well informed about their domain and helpful and friendly (most of the time).

Your disposal is a wealth of resources and lots of knowledge to acquire. Melbourne University ensures that its students have access to all kinds of books or digital materials to help them with their studies. It also has a career counseling center, a career portal, counseling facilities and moreThere are services.

A nice campus for study, (right in the middle of town), which means easy access to amazing restaurants and places to hang out.

An opportunity to connect with students from all over the world. I now have friends from almost all continents, which is fun and you can learn a lot about different cultures.


This is very expensive, especially if you are an international student.

Limited (almost negligible) availability of scholarships and other fee remittance options.

As Anonymous points out, it can be extremely difficult to get a job after graduation. Many companies only offer jobs to students with permanent residency or citizenship, and it can be really difficult to get into those who otherwise offer jobs, especially if your communication skills in English are poor. -Pare isAnd you have a non-IT / computer science background.

Don’t wait to get social life while studying, because assignments take up most of your time (but really, in my MS in CS degree, most assignments are valuable and a good learning experience) and submit during your assignment, expect to get a lot of sleep.

These were all common advantages and disadvantages, now from the point of view of a technical program, I am studying postgraduate in Computer Science (Grad Coursework) at UniMelb and I can tell you it was a hellish experience. Some worthy mention:

Access to supercomputers and distributed cluster computers for our assignments.

The quality of the assignments given, except for a few rare instances, is often above excellence, and has helped you to learn and apply the skills you actually learned for the subject.

Access all types of research papers for free through the Unimelob account. Many times it was really easy and many of my assignments would have been a nightmare if I did not have access to this huge amount of information.

Most (emphasis added) professors know what they are talking about and teach well, and the same goes for some tutors.

If you want to do a PhD or research based masters, lots of interesting research is being conducted.

After studying for three semesters at the Faculty of Business and Economics, I would say that being an international student, especially in this department, is like ending up in the same group (working or socializing) with the same set of people at home. Did not take action. Also, being an international student felt like being under a label every day. They want you to feel like you are an international student and they will be wary of how others talk to or treat you. There are no significant opportunities that encourage cross-learning among domestic-international or international-international students. Although the university prides multiculturalism as an important USP, unfortunately, it has created a small world with living borders! In conclusion, an international student will not feel like an international student at the university, he / she / they will feel very much at home.

The college has three campuses located within walking distance of the residential hall. The residential building has spacious rooms and special study space. It also has a gym, basketball court and game room. It has a music rehearsal studio. To apply for residential benefits, the followingFollow the steps:

Fill out the accommodation application

If seeking advice for a roommate, really fill it out

Pay the fee

The rent in the vicinity of the college is approximately USD 1,039-1,841 / month.

Life at the University of Melbourne

The university campus is certainly much larger. There are more than 200 clubs for students to join.

The campus is very friendly and has students from different cultures. It is undoubtedly a place for interactions of different cultures from different countries.

The campus has the best place to learn both in theory and in practice

The university has about 200 clubs for students to meet new friends and learn new things

The student union also organizes many cultural events to keep the culture alive

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