What is a comprehensive car insurance? 

Extensive car insurance provides comprehensive coverage to you as well as third parties in case of any loss or damage to your vehicle due to accident, natural disaster, theft, fire, etc. Can customize These add-ons are optional and cost extra. In India, third party cover is mandatory as opposed to comprehensive cover. However, I would always recommend comprehensive car insurance as it is an all-encompassing policy that protects you from third party property damage and personal injury. Imagine that your car has been involved in an accidentRaised, then it is rejected because you have only protected your car with third party cover. The insurer will pay compensation but only for third party liability. You will need to pay for any repairs to your damaged car. If you have extensive car insurance,The insurer would bear all the expenses. I know some people who only make the mistake of buying third party motor insurance because it is cheaper. Spend a little more on comprehensive car insurance and protect yourself from unexpected costs.

Do I have to go up insurance?

I had an accident because it was raining and the floor was slippery I was going max25 and the car skidded to the side and overturned. I’m planning to get an Infiniti g37 2 door car Do I have to go up insurance? I had a 2006 Nissan Frontier. “My car was stolen and now I am investigating for insurance fraud. I’m only 18, help !!? “My car was stolen on Saturday. I was driving with someone I thought I could trust and when I went inside a subway terminal to meet another friend I kept the car key and the person in the car with me took the car. My phone,My purse, and about $ 1500 worth of shopping bags and boxed furniture that I just bought from Ikea. I called the police and they weren’t helping much. I’ve had to do a lot of research on this. The person who took my car does not have a permanent residence so it is difficult to find himI learned from the police that there are 4 more warrants for his arrest for car related crime. Apparently, I didn’t know when I left him alone with me. After my dad filed a claim with our insurance company, they said they were going to start an investigation and give us aThe letter states that they have a right not to pay us for the car. They think that me and the person who stole the car are working together to get money from them. They are going to interview me and I am really scared. The last time I broke the law was when I was oldThere were five and tried to steal a Barbie from the Walgreens. I’m only 18 now and I don’t even know how insurance or fraud works, don’t think insurance fraud. They’re going to accuse me. The only thing I’m really guilty of is stupid / simple / stupid. I am such a personI believe that I should not believe. My question is: 1) How can I track this person? I sent a message on Facebook to all our mutual friends asking them to keep an eye on it. 2) How can I remove the investigation from the police (who are on my side) when they are not really doing anything? 3) Am I supposed to be an insurance person? What should I say? I just want my car back. I feel so helpless, please help. “

Can you get insurance that will cover pregnancy?

I just found out that I am pregnant and I have no insurance and I do a lot for state covered insurance. Are there any insurance companies that now cover pregnancy? AAA only car insurance? I want AAA benefits, but I don’t need car insurance anymore. Is it a monthly fee to get the benefit, or do you have to insure them for it? If there is some noise in the car I want to pay for the convenience before driving across the country in a few months. Thank you! ”Does the cost of car insurance increase when you drive a coupe as opposed to a sedan? I would like to buy an Acura Integra and I would like to know if it would be more expensive to insure 2 doors than 4 doors because of the sporty look of 2 doors. I am about 19 years old.

Is it possible to get Mexican insurance (not tourism) for US plated cars?

One of my US plated cars (Calif Plate) is not currently registered in the United States, currently not insured in the United States. I am in Mexico on FM2. The car with Temp Permit has been here for over 4 years. Is it possible to get insurance in Mexico? For tourism policy I have been told the car must have current US registration and insurance, for Mexican policy I have been told to have Max plate. Has anyone, including U.S. Plates, been able to get Mexican insurance (not tourism) for unregistered U.S. cars with their currency in Mexico? If so what is your insurance company. Thanks “

Does it matter who drives a car under the same insurance policy?

I have an 08 Toyota Corolla S and my dad has a 95 Toyota Pickup. I am 19 and we are under the same policy with AAA. Will there be any difference in cost if I am hired as a Corolla driver as opposed to a pickup? If so, how much? I am currently with Pickup and my dad Corolla. Car insurance help? Insurance brokers claim cheap insurance? Hi, I’m 17 years old and I recently passed my exams, so I’m planning to get a car soon, maybe next year, but the point is – I’ve seen this guy on Facebook claim to work with an insurance broker so he can get cheap insurance. Maybe … My question is not whether he is a fraud or not, my question is, do insurance brokers have the right to give cheap insurance? And approximately how close? (Remember I am 17 years old and I am thinking of taking a golf or Astra and I live in East London) “Insurance for a 17 year old? Hello I am a 17 year old man who lives in Palm Springs, California. I want to know how much insurance will cost for these cars. G35 5.) 2005 BMW 545i If you can help me with a guessWill help a lot. How much does car insurance cost for teenagers compared to middle-aged people and why?

Insurance companies are unable to insure me – why?

I am in the process of purchasing a second hand Toyota Yaris SR (first registered in 2000). I have another car and I have no problem insuring it. For some reason I can’t get insurance with Yarid (even with the same insurance company) although my personal situation has not changed. I have no idea why thisMaybe? They will also insure me with a company if it does not have an alloy wheel because they will not.

How much will my car insurance increase?

I drove a car in Los Angeles and I have a state farm. The guy I hit was driving a Range Rover and all I did was scratch the driver’s side door. Body Shop wants $ 1200 to repaint the door, which I think is crazy. I’ll pay in cash, but 1200 is a lotMoney. Does the state firm have accident forgiveness, or will my premium increase if I claim it in my insurance? “What is the cost of insurance for 2007 Lamborghini Murcielago lp 640? Ball-park guess? What is the average insurance rate for liability for a 19 year old woman only? In a family type car in N.C. Group 1 insurance license? Hello, I need to get a Group 1 insurance license to sell annuities in the state of Texas. I’m not really sure where to go or what to do. What should I do? Thanks. “Affordable dental insurance in Michigan? I live in Saginaw Michigan and I am looking for affordable dental insurance. Which leads well?

What about cars and insurance?

Hi can anyone help my daughter want a car she likes fiat punto td sx i think it and voxhall corsa merit and citroen saxo and ford car and fiesta which is the best car for first time car and what is the most cheap insurance it is a Temporary licenseWill? And which website has the cheapest insurance? If anyone has any ideas for any other such car please help auto dealer is any good? Thanks for asking any questionsHealth insurance for families of disabled animals? I am a 50% disabled veterinarian living near Dallas, Tx. I have yet to find a job that offers health insurance. I know I can go to VA for free, whenever I need to I need to find some kind of insurance for my wife. We are planning kids, but I have pocketsI don’t want to pay the bills of those doctors. My wife is self-employed, so there is no way to get her through work. Does anyone know Veterans Group Health Insurance Plan or something like that? I searched the internet with little success. Thanks for any info. “Crossfire insurance. 16 years old.? I am a 16 year old boy and I was wondering what the insurance for the 2004 Chrysler Crossfire Coupe would be like. I’m sure it’s a sportscar. So, help me. I have to convince my parents to get one. “Extensive coverage is a policy that covers some damage to your vehicle that does not occur due to a collision with another vehicle.

This type of coverage takes care of repairs that include the following:

Any weather damageAnimal-related accidentsEarthquaketemblorseismoStolen vehiclesThis is an optional add-on, but it’s best if it fits your budget. The ideal scenario is always covered by accountability, conflict, and comprehensive coverage. However, adding comprehensive coverage to your policy is of little value if you own a car that is easily replaceable. A comprehensive car insurance policy protects your car in the following cases:Damage / damage to vehicles due to natural disasters like earthquakes, fires, floods, typhoons, hurricanes, storms etc. Loss / damage due to incidents like theft, theft, riot, strike, corrupt work etc. Personal accidentProtection against legal liability (third party)In addition to these coverages, you can choose the add-on cover to suit your needs and further strengthen the basic coverage offered by the comprehensive car insurance policy. Comprehensive insurance is a type of coverage that covers the cost of repairing or replacing a vehicle damaged by something other than a collision.

The following losses are not covered by comprehensive coverage:

Damage due to collisionDamage due to collision with another vehicleA medical expense due to injuryThere is a major difference between comprehensive and conflict coverage. Collision coverage compensates for other vehicle damage caused by the insured vehicle. For comprehensive coverage, one must choose a discount. In one accident, the insured car lost $ 600 and the insured deductible $ 100. The insured only has to pay a বা 100 repair or replacement charge andThe remaining $ 500 must be paid to the insurance company. In some states, comprehensive coverage is mandatory. What is the meaning of auto insurance? In the United States, coverage that repairs insured cars is called comprehensive. It covers everything except collisions (repairs from accidents) and mechanical breakdowns (vehicle warranties). Covered damage includes: fire, wind, hail, flooding, theft, vandalism and injuring an animal, plus many more. Comprehensive insurance under auto insurance means providing cover for loss or damage to the insured vehicle including loss of property or loss and / or / death or bodily injury to third party with specified risks such as accident, fire, theft etc. (policy operative) Clause fully stated)The policy excludes incidents from additional hazards unless it is covered by the payment of additional premiums such as – earthquake risk, vandalism risk, etc. Driver’s insurance, other persons driving the car (relatives / friends), persons in the car (according to the capacity of the vehicle) if they do not pay extra premium for them are also excluded from comprehensive insurance. The policy specifically excludes war and relative risks.LikeComment

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