What’s the best car insurance?

The best insurance is a company and policy that suits your needs and charges a competitive premium.You can find one by consulting an independent insurance agent who writes business for a number of insurance companies. He will find the one that is right for you.If you do an online search for car insurance, any of the reputable companies would be good to use. What you have to do then is contact each and find the policy that gives you the coverage you need for the best price.Whether we are discussing candy, cars, clothing fabric, building materials, electronics, the cheapest is rarely the best. The greatest advice I give in a situation like this is to ask around to friends who have had claims and see how their experience was. You could also contact a local independent agent and ask their opinion on who has the best “VALUE” for the money.Many insurance companies throw in extra features you will never use in order to get more premium dollars from you. This, in my opinion, is a horrible way to do business and should be kept as optional coverage. The carriers I work with which provide such options are Progressive, Nationwide, and Grinnell. You won’t find yourself paying for a lot of coverage you will never use. This type of pick and choose coverage is often the best “VALUE” as it matches your specific needs/wants. You also want to inquire as to claims procedures. There are carriers I do not write for any longer as their claims process is long and daunting. Again, ask around, put a post on Facebook, reach out to friends. If you haven’t had an accident yourself, odds are you know someone who has. To me, $5 extra per month is worth not having a stress attack come time for you to file a claim.

What type of insurance protects your car against theft?

I know there’s Liability which is mandotory. Collision covers damage to your own vehicle, but does it actually cover a stolen vehicle with let’s say a deductible of $1000?”

Car insurance at parents address or rented?

I am currently down on a rental property contract at my boyfriends rented house, however he is the head tenant and I am down as being at the property, I still live with my parents and am there half of the time and my drivers license, finance info, bank statements and everything else go there, however I am not sure if I am registered at my parents and boyfriends, which I assume I am because my mum still puts me down on the electoral poll. I plan to use my parents address as my registered address however it asks where the car will be kept overnight, and there is not one set place, if I use my parents the insurance is cheaper and if I use my boyfriends it’s 100pound more. Can anyone advise me on what address to do? As I am at both addresses different times of the week. Thanks”

Hiring an employee / health insurance?

If I hire an employee in California do I have to pay for their health insurance? Is there some threshold like 40hrs/week where I have to start paying or what

Do you need car insurance for this?

I want to get my car the 2014 sticker but I currently don’t have insurance because I’ve been jobless & I just started working. I payed for the license plates on June . & I just wanted to know if not having insurance was gonna be an issueMay have a preexisting condition and i need affordable insurance?i may have a preexisting condition i will find out monday ,anyway we are on a month to month with a high cobra premium and it is kicking our butts my husband’s job closed after 20 yrs we both are not working and if i have a condition how do we pay for it, how can i get i get affordable health with no job .help somebody i feel for people i feel for everyone who needs health care and can’t get it what a shame i pray that i am well and the doctor has good news for me so everyone please pray for a good outcome when prayers go up blessings come down and i need your prayers i love my yahoo family some people are rude but for the most part real decent people live here Sorry for my jumby words”

Price for motorcycle insurance?

So my parents just bought my brother a brand new car and just told me that I wont be getting it til 3–4 years from now . and I’ll be 20 something by then! I’m 16 turning 17 this year by the way. and it sucks even more because my other brother had received his car when he was 18, which is totally unfair because I have achieved more things than him, academic and community wise. So anyways, I’ve been wanting a motorcycle since I was a little girl and since I will be working this summer and winter, I was hoping on buying a used motorcycle, specifically any Kawasaki Ninja, at the beginning of 2010. Insurance price please? I know it ranges from age, experience, accidents, and etc. I’m a 16 year old female that will be getting her regular permit in June and after 6 months, I will be getting my motorcycle license. Won’t be driving a car anytime soon, obviously. Oh and I’m in the bay area of California if that changes anything? Thanks for the help, just need to know how much to save. Oh and if your wondering why I wont just buy a car, because I only wanna save 5 grand max and that will only get me a wack car.”

Car insurance question?

I live in indiana and my friend lives in texas. He has car loan for a car but is going to let me just take over the payments. The loan will still be in his name but I will be paying for it. Can I get the car insurance under my name??How much should a 16 year old pay for State Farm car Insurance for a year in Nevada?My friend pays 200$ a month. And some with an older car pays 100$ each month.How do I know if I’m getting ripped off or not. My friends say I would get ripped off for paying 200$ …show moreHow much is an auto insurance for a $12.500 car?How much is an auto insurance for a $12.500 car?

How would an insurance company know how much a car has been lowered by?

So I won’t get insured if my car has been lowered by more than 50mm. But if I told them it was lowered by 50mm, if I was to lower it any more than that, how would they know?”How does liability insurance work?I’m about to buy insurance & I know it’s mandatory in te state of Louisiana to at least have liability. But how does it work? & if I let someone borrow my car are they covered?I just found out i’m pregnant & i currently have no insurance?i’d just like to know what options i have , im from california. I havent gone in for any pre-natal checkup yet but would like to soon. im about a month or so along.”“Who has the cheapest car insurance in Houston, Tx?I have Geico right now.. I am a 17 year old boy who has a car accident on his record (in june 2010).“Car insurance, full coverage versus liability?”

I drive a 98 Chevy Suburban, because it has a lien holder (bank) it has had full coverage insurance the life of the loan. Next month when we get our tax refund we plan to pay it off, not that much owed. Due to it’s age wouldn’t it be logical to drop the full coverage down to liability insurance. I know with it being that old the full coverage insurance would hardly pay out anything if it was a total loss anyway.”“I need good, affordable health insurance. Any suggestions? Do any exist specifically for Nursing students?”I already looked into StateFarm and they quoted me at near $200, and that’s just way too much. I need something that’s gonna be less than $100.”

How can I get health insurance?

I live in Chicago, IL. I don’t have health health insurance because my mom can’t afford it. Im 19 years old and I need health insurance.What does everyone else do who’s under 21? Do any of you under 21 have any health insurance? If so, what company? I don’t have a job, (been trying to find a job for three years). I need to see a dermatologist really bad, and I have no idea what to do.”“How much will it cost to me, to be added to a friends car insurance. UK only please.?What’s the average for insurance for a teenager?I know that it depends on the make and model of the car, but I just want to know the average price.”

How much should I be paying for car insurance?

I live in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, although not in the city itself. I’m 25, and I’ve had my license since I was 18. I’ve been in one accident, and the other driver was ruled at fault. I’ve had no traffic tickets. I have a two year college degree and good credit. I drive a 2006 Chevy Cobalt that will be paid off in August. It’s currently under my parents’ name and on my parents’ insurance policy. Once it’s paid off, they’re supposed to sign it over to me. (I’m reimbursing them for the car and insurance.) My parents might be ripping me off on the insurance costs; my father bought a second truck around the time of my 25th birthday, and there hasn’t been any drop in the policy costs. How much can I expect to pay for a policy in my name only with the car in my name only?”Can I buy motorcycle inssurance and not have parents know about it?I’m 22 I live in my own apartment but my parents pay car insurance can I get a seperate insurance for a motorcycle and not have my parents know about it, also my friend who rides said bike insurance can be very cheap I just want minimum coverage how much would it be, thx!”Do I buy car insurance before buying a car from a private party?I’m buying a car this weekend from a private seller (we are just waiting for the duplicate title to come in the mail; she lost the original). Money won’t be exchanged until …show moreCAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME?I have been 18 for a few months now and I’m planning on moving intomy boyfriends parents place in about two weeks. The reason i am waiting is because my grandfather wont let me take my car until i switch the car into my name with my own insurance policy. He has allstate, and i am about to start working at a new job. I will be graduating in june from high school and i live in Virginia. My grandfathers wife (step-grandmother) treats me badly and i need to move away. I have waited 6 years for this since my mom passed away in 2003. I know that none of you will know exactly how much insurance will be but could you give me some insight or a range on how much a month ill pay on insurance and the best policys. I am driving a 2002 Dodge Intrepid, 4 door. I drive everyday about 15–20 miles each day. I am a female, 18 years of age. (19 in september). I did have one traffic light accident that was MY fault but plead no contest and got away with one days worth of driving school. ..if you could please help me that would be great. And much appreciated. Im not sure if you need anymore info, but thats all i can think of right now. AND PLEASE DONT ANSWER IF YOU AE GOING TO ASK how are we supposed to know? BECAUSE I UNDERSTAND THATU DONT KNOW ME AND THAT U HAVE NO WA OF KNOWING.


Can I buy motorcycle inssurance and not have parents know about it?

The best insurance is the one that you choose which will protect you the best if something should go wrong. It will not be the cheapest, but most likely the most expensive plan because it will protect you the best.Remember that when you look for the cheapest insurance that you can find. It will not protect you when you really do need it the most.You can still look for the lowest price for the best plan, however.Just do not look for the cheapest price on the worst plan. You will be sorry when something does eventually go wrong.Car insurance is a policy that is signed between two parties, the policyholder and the insurer to cover the losses that one might incur due to damages to the car or in a case of theft. A pre-decided value is fixed according to the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the vehicle for the premium to be paid by the policyholder periodically. These days, a policy seeker has many options available to choose from the various types of policies in the market.Car Insurance is compulsory in India, thus you are required to have it. There are many insurers such as Bajaj Allianz, Bharti AXA Car insurance, SBI Car insurance, etc. which offer auto insurance policies, but for getting the best out of all you need to compare them. Vehicle insurance comparison helps you in getting the best car insurance plan from top insurers.

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